WEC 35- Live Round-by-Round coverage and Results

by:  Denny “The Mad One” Hodge

Stay with ProMMA tonight for live coverage and round-by-round results of the WEC 35 triple title fight card.

Brian Bowles vs. Damacio Page
Round 1-

Page comes forward throwing big shots and is pressing the action. The fight hits the ground and Brian is in Damacio’s full guard, with Page throwing elbows from the bottom and staying active from his back. Bowles stands up and goes for a guillotine, with Page turning in and landing in Brian’s guard . Page goes for the guard pass, but Bowles retains full guard. Page backs off and they are back on their feet. Bowles throwing combos, and shoots for a takedown. Damacio goes down briefly but is back on his feet quickly, and shoots for a takedown of his own. Brian catches him in a tight guillotine following the takedown attempt. It’s very tight and Damacio is forced to tap. Bowles by guillotine in Rd. 1

Jamie Varner vs. Marcus Hicks-     Lightweight Championship

Round 1-

Hicks works in close to Varner, and from the clinch gets the takedown.  Varner is back up quick, but Hicks gets the takedown again, and looks to lock up his signature guillotine.  Varner recognizes the trouble and works his way out.  Hicks closes again and gets a good slam, but Varner pops right back up to his feet quickly again.  The fighters break, and Varner throws a high kick that just misses.  Marcus attempts to close the distance again, and gets caught with some huge knees!!  He looks like he could be in trouble.  Varner is throwing big shots, with Hicks standing directly in front of him, with most of them connecting very cleanly.  Hicks is in trouble and goes down.  He is rocked and grabs for a single out of desperation.  He works his way back up to his fight but is wobbly.  Varner gets him in the clinch again and delivers brutal knees, and is picking him apart with big punches.  Hicks is tough and stands in, but is eventually dropped again.  This time the fight is over.  Amazing performance by Jamie Varner!!  Jamie Varner by TKO in Rd. 1.  Varner is asked after the fight who he would like to see for his next title defense.  Varner mentioned Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Rob McCullough as possible foes coming up.

Brock Larson vs. Carlo Prater

Round 1-

Both fighters are feeling each other out cautiously.  Prater throws a big high kick but misses badly.  Larson steps in and delivers a devastating left hand that floors Prater!  Prater is pretty much out as Larson follows him to the ground to finish the fight.  Brock Larson by TKO at :37 seconds in the first round

Brian Stann vs. Steve Cantwell-     Light Heavyweight Championship

Round 1-

Big time staredown at the meeting in the middle of the cage.  Cantwell throws with Stann countering.  Cantwell is throwing a nice variety of kicks.  Cantwell throwing leg kicks with Stann countering with combos.  Stann walks in and gets caught with a nice right by Cantwell.  It’s a boxing match so far, as both are picking theeir shots and getitng back out of range of the other.  Cantwell comes in in and bboth are throwing toe to toe.  Cantwell with a knee, and Stann reacts with throwing big shots.  Cantwell shoots in for the takedown and they end up clinching on the fence.  Stann is cut on the cheek but is not significant.  Den calling for them to work.  Stann shoves him off and they are back toe to toe.  Stann coming in dropping his left and is getting caught with the counter.  Cantwell comes in with a superman punch and follows up with combos.  The are clinched against the fennce again.  Big elbow by Cantwell, and Stann takes the action back to the center of the ring.  Nice body kick by Steve, countered by Stann.  Cantwell goes for a knee and slips.  Stann is standing over throwing big shots.  Steve turtles up and takes more shots.  He is back on his feet until the bell sounds for the end of Round 1. 

Round 2-

Stann throws a kick that catches Cantwell in the groin to open the round.  Cantwell is bleeding from his nose as they get back to action.  Nice body shot by Steve, as Stann follows with a low kick.  Cantwell is really mixing it up with knees, kicks, and now concentrating on the body.  Nice body shot, followed by a left by Steve as he shoves Stann against the cage.  They break, and Stann starts to throw some combos.  Cantwell shoots and goes for a trip, but Stann stuffs it.  Cantwell clinches again against the cage.  Dirty boxing with Cantwell going to the body and to the head with uppercuts.  Cantwell has Stann hurt with kickd and he is rocked.  Cantwell throwing elbows and big shots, clinching while delivering big knees.  Stann is hurt and looks gassed, and goes down!  Herb Dean calls the fight.  Steve Cantwell by TKO in Round 2

Micah Miller vs. Josh Grispi

Round 1-

Grispi with nice inside leg kicks, and Miller goes down, with more of a slip than anything.  Grispi lets him up and continues with nice kicks and punch combos.  Grispi is very busy, and is continuing to throw kicks.  Miller than steps in to engage and as Grispi is stepping back he catches Miller with a huge right hand.  He rocks miller with the right and drops Miller!!!  Grispi steps in to finish the fight, but Herb Dean is there quickly to stop the fight.  Micah doesnt even realize the fight is over.  Herb Dean has to tell him two or three times that the fight is over.  Josh Grispi by TKO at :50 of Round 1

Carlos Condit vs. Hiromitsu Miura-     Welterweight Championship 

Round 1-

The crowd starts chanting out “Carlos”, as the fighters engage.  Miura throws a nice right, but Condit returns with a leg kick.  Big right by Condit as Miura steps in.  Miura goes for a throw from the clinch, but Condit defends nicely.  Huge hip toss by Miura as he slings Condit down and lands in side control!  Condit quickly back on his feet.  Condit steps in, and Miura steps behind Condit’s foot and trips him.  Condit throws a big kick, and Miura gets another throw.  Carlos back on his feet quckly.  Nice action so far.  Miura is caught with a right and he goes down.  Condit quickly to knee on belly and is working from side mount.  He is dropping elbows as Condit has stepped over Miura’s left arm, and has Miura’s arm trapped.  Crucifix position with Condit dropping short rights to the head.  Miura pushes off the fence but Condit retains control.  Steps over for the arm bar and ends up on his back.  Miura with another huge judo throw, but this time ends up in Condit’s full guard near the end of the round. 

Round 2-

Miura ends up on his back after slipping and is taking elbows.  Nice up kick from Miura.  Condit passes Miura’s guard, but Miura gets a leg in and secures half guard.  Condit working to pass Miura’s guard but Miura defends well.  Condit works free and is now in full mount and dropping bnig elbows.  Miura tries to roll, and as he does Condit gets his back but quickly transisitons to the armbar.  Miura fights out and ends up in Condit’s full guard.  Condit controlling Miura’s posture and is staying busy from the bottom.  Rosenthol breaks the fighters and stands them back up.  Body kick by Carlos, and Miura goes for another throw but ends up giving up his back.  24 seconds to go with Condit on Miura’s back, as he rolls.  Condit ends up in Miura’s full guard and is working the body.  End of round 2.

Round 3-

Condit goes for the guillotine and falls into the mount to finish.  Miura works out, but Condit is in a  dominant full mount position.  Miura is bucking, but Condit retains control and starts dropping punches.  Condit is dropping elbows, but Miura is doing a decent job at controlling posture.  Miura explodes up and lands in Condit’s full guard.  Condit secures a body triangle for a moment, but lets it go to work from his side.  Miura drops a few nice big lefts to Condit’s head!  Condit is pressed against the cage and is dropping shots on Carlos.  Carlos kicks him off and stands up.  Miura shoots in and Condit stuffs it.  Carlos gets side control and is in a north south position going for Miura’s left arm.  Miura rolls then back to full mount taking big shots with a minute left in the round.  What a war!  Big elbows from Condit.  Mirura rolls over and Condit gets his back again going for the rear naked choke, with a tight body triangle.  Miura defending well, but Condit is looking for the finish.  Miura is a warrior and may survive!  End of Round 3.

Round 4-

Miura lands huge shots and goes for another throw.  Condit hanging in after being rocked and gets the takedown.  Condit looks to be in trouble!  Miura gets the sweep and is punishing Condit.  Carlos goes for a leg and has Miura in trouble.  He is out and ends up back in Condit’s guard.  They are stood back up and Miura comes forward throwing everything.  Condit gets the takedown, and ends up in full mount again.  Both fighters are giving it everything they have.  Miura reverses agian and is throwing big shots in Condit’s guard.  Condit controls the posture to stop the punches and looks winded.  Condit pushes off and stands up.  Condit leans in and catches Miura with a knee and Miura goes down.  Miura is turtled up and is taking big shots.  The ref tells him to fight back and Condit looks to finish.  Miura stops fighting back and the fight is called, with Condit retaining his belt!  What a War!!  Carlos Condit by TKO at 4:43 of Round 4.

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