Fast Eddie’s Lessons in Humility with Luke Stewart

This week’s lesson took me to Fight and Fitness in San Francisco for Strikeforce welterweight Luke Stewart’s MMA/BJJ class.  Luke’s hospitality is second to none and he welcomed me to his class as if we were long time friends. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read the article about Luke entitled “Got Ink?” you definitely should check it out.

Now with regards to the sparring session, Luke was also gracious enough to show me I can’t defend the arm drag for shit. On the other hand, Luke being a black belt, can execute a lighting fast arm drag. Combine these two facts and you have a recipe for pain. You will see exactly what I mean in the third video clip (Eddie vs Luke 3).

One thing I have tried to accomplish in these sparring sessions is to not let anyone take my back. This is the worst position to be in whether practicing Jiu-Jitsu or in a fight. Prior to Wednesday night I had been successful. But when you see the video and the sequence Luke pulls off (notice my reaction at the end) this streak came to an abrupt end.  As an added bonus there is some extra footage this week of myself actually giving a few lessons as well.  So sit back and enjoy another Lesson in Humility with Fast Eddie.

Stay tuned as I bring you all access coverage of this weekend’s Elite XC event from Stockton, CA. If any readers are in the area, feel free to stop by (I will be sporting my new PRO MMA shirt) and let me know your thoughts on Fast Eddie and our site.

Fast Eddie vs Luke Stewart

Fast Eddie vs Stewart Students

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