Fast Eddie’s Lessons in Humility Volume 2

This week’s lesson was simple – frequent tapping. As you will see, in the following videos, both of my sparring partners were very respectful and humble in teaching me a thing or two about humility. I want to personally thank both of them along with head instructor Kurt Osiander. First up was Yuji Uchida, Ralph Gracie black belt, and Pan-American games bronze medalist. Yuji actually began his BJJ training under Rickson Gracie in Los Angeles.  Ben Minkin, who is a black belt in BJJ and Gladiator challenge veteran, was next. Ben is also a local fire fighter, and not to mention a Judo blackbelt. He has also competed alongside Dave Camarillo (AKA head BJJ instructor) for a number of years in the Judo world. Both guys weigh in around 150-155 pounds. It seems wrong to get tooled by two guys I outweigh by 70 pounds, but then again isn’t that what Jiu-Jitsu is all about? So sit back and enjoy another segment of Fast Eddie getting taught a lesson by some of the best grapplers around. Here is part one with Yuji Uchida, check in tomorrow for Round 2 against Benzara.

Eddie vs Uchida 1 Eddie vs Uchida 2 Eddie vs Uchida 3

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